skin care spaWho doesn’t like to put their best face forward? After all, your face is the first thing that others notice about you! Taking care of your skin will not only help you feel more confident, but setting aside some time every day to pamper yourself will make you feel great. Here are four benefits of having a consistent skin care routine.

1. Your skin will be in better condition
Just like you give your car regular oil changes, you need to give your skin the same maintenance. Developing at least a three-step skin care routine will allow your skin to look and feel healthy, while treating any problem areas you have. One way to add longevity to your routine is to get regular facials at a skin care spa. These day spas will be able to provide deep cleansing, acne treatments, and aging prevention — all to improve the clarity of your skin.

2. Your skin will start to give back
The more you take care of your skin, the more it will give back to you. Consistent treatment of any problem condition — like acne, fine lines, or dullness — will be rewarded by gradual but noticeable improvement. Developing a routine will give you healthy, clear skin.

3. Your skin will glow
Aging brings dullness into our skin. By regularly exfoliating, you will be able to bring that youthful glow back. One great way to do so is through microdermabrasion, which is a process you can get at a skin care spa to remove dead skin from your face. This non-surgical facial resurfacing technique is performed in multiple different treatments to mechanically exfoliate the outer layer of skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and youthful. Additionally, removing this dead skin can aid in the penetration of skin care products up to 50%.

4.Your results will be easier to maintain
Consistency is key. This means investing in proper, quality skin care products that are suited for your particular skin type. Typically, women spend $144 on beauty products per year — which is a small price to pay for a feeling great about yourself. Working with these products will ensure you have the best skin possible!

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