We believe that with each new year comes a fresh start.  It’s the perfect time for progressive opportunities and new experiences, for personal growth and enrichment. This same ideology applies to your skin. For those of you looking to kickstart your new skincare routine or jazz up your current one, we’ve got something special in store for you: Kimbra’s personal skincare routine! This week we’re giving you the first sneak peek. You’ll get to see how the owner of The Skin Suite treats her skin to get that amazing, youthful glow. We’ll show you what products she uses and how she utilizes them to start the day off with a healthy face.

Start Clean!

Kick off the morning with a clean face that’s protected from the sun and ready for makeup application. To begin with a fresh slate, Kimbra alternates between DermaClear Cleanser and SkinBrite Facial Cleanser. The DermaClear Cleanser works to exfoliate the skin and inhibit blackheads while calming irritated skin. This is perfect for regular use and days when her skin experiences break outs. For days when her skin feels dry, the SkinBrite Facial Cleanser works to lock in moisture and brighten uneven skin tone.

Reduce Damage

Next on her list is the prep work for makeup. The B5 Moisture Matte reduces shine and pore size, which allows for smoother application of makeup. The ever-present Arizona sun brings the risk of skin damage. Kimbra combats free-radicals from the sun with the nutrients and antioxidants found in the C Infusion Serum and C Infusion Eye Cream. The latter also eliminates those dreaded, dark under-eye circles. To finish off her morning routine, Kimbra spreads a gentle layer of TiZO3 on her skin. Now she’s ready for makeup or simply going out as is! Stay tuned next week for Kimbra’s rejuvenating night routine that eases away the stress of the day and prepares her skin for beauty sleep. Until then, we wish you healthy skin and heavenly experiences!


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