waxingOnce considered a commodity afforded only to women, waxing is becoming a popular choice of hair removal among men as well as women. Considering that most women will shave 7,718 times in their life, waxing is a great alternative. The results usually last up to 6 weeks and prevent the use of razors, which can be painful and harmful to skin. Aside from saving money and time, it lasts much longer than shaving. Although social conventions have created a tricky dichotomy surrounding hair removal that makes it considered unfavorable among men, those conventions are being torn apart by contemporary guys who are invested in their appearance.

Types of Waxing:

Brow Waxing: One out of five women choose waxing as their primary hair removal method. A common practice among women, eyebrow waxing is a great alternative to plucking unwanted eyebrow hairs. Men are now taking the initiative to remove unpleasant hair found between and underneath the eyebrows.

Bikini Line Waxing: For men who choose to wear shorter swim suits or shorts, waxing the area that is often referred to as the ‘bikini line’ can help remove unsightly hair. Women often choose bikini or Brazilian waxes during bathing suit season, though many utilize it year-round.

Male Hair Removal: Also available for women, what some call ‘male hair removal’ is the removal of back, chest, and arm hair. Approximately 94 million men over the age of 15 remove hair in some fashion. Waxing provides a cost-effective way for men to remove hair without spending an arduous amount of time shaving.

Beauty services know no gender. If you have insecurities about your body hair, take solace knowing there is an easy way to remove it. Day spas are happily seeing more men as well as women as clients. Whether you’re a woman with a few extra eyebrow hairs or a man with a lot of chest hair, don’t let stereotypes stop you from feeling better about yourself.