facialsFacials aren’t just something you should indulge in for special occasions; getting regular facials can actually be one of the best ways to keep your skin glowing, clear, and hydrated. Many women and men spend a lot of money on over-the-counter skincare treatments. It’s estimated that the average woman spends around $144 per year on personal beauty products, although many women might be thinking that a more realistic annual budget is around four times that amount. Around 95 million men in the U.S. shave regularly, and 75% of this group shaves every single day, which can cause many skin problems on the face that are hard to cover up and expensive to treat.

The real problem is that there’s no reassurance that these expensive products will work. Moreover, there’s no certainty that these products are the best choices for each individual’s skin. Professional facials at day spas are the ideal solution; they’re cost-effective and generally safer than at-home treatments. But what are the actual precise benefits of getting a facial done professionally?

  • Many spas have several different types of facials to choose from; if you don’t know which one is best for your skin, you don’t have to risk picking something that will aggravate your skin. The ability to customize treatments, and to do so with the advice of a professional skincare expert, is reason enough to go to the spa.
  • Facials are important because they can provide a “deep clean” procedure without using chemicals, gels, or creams that will harm your skin more than help it. Many skin care concerns (especially acne) starts deep under the surface of the skin. A professional will be able to see where these problems are brewing and can pick the right tool and procedure.
  • When you have a good facial performed by a trained specialist, and when you follow up the procedure with your own healthy skincare habits, you’ll find that your skin looks and feels much healthier. You might even notice that you’re spending less on your own skincare products because your skin isn’t so “problematic” any more.
  • Skin care spas are ideal for facials because they often provide other procedures without irritating your skin too much. A professional will be able to perform a facial and brow waxing procedure on the same day without causing irritation to your skin. The convenience here is key!

If you’ve been considering getting a facial, you don’t necessarily have to jump into an extensive microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatment; starting out with a basic facial will certainly help you understand why these treatments are all so helpful.