The Skin Suite is committed to providing the finest quality skin care products and services to our clients. Our philosophy is to balance and repair the skin, delivering long-term results through the most cutting-edge professional treatments designed to go beyond basic spa facials.

DermaQuest® Skin Therapy products are acclaimed by the medical community for their dramatically effective therapeutic benefits. These state-of-the-art products are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and most advanced technologies, which can mitigate the impacts of aging achieving more youthful, clear, and vital skin. DermaQuests’ unique lines treat a range of skincare concerns – from acne to mature skin – with luxurious care. Each collection has it’s own custom blend rich in botanical stem cells, peptides, and vitamins, along with hydrating and protective ingredients vital for maintaining skin integrity. We invite you to experience the amazing results for yourself. 

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Seasonal Facial: Tropicool Fruit Smoothing Facial

BEST ENJOYED: As a summer cool-down

THE MOOD: Seasonal deliciousness

EXPERIENCE: Antioxidant perfection

Beat the heat with a fresh summer cocktail. Our relaxing facial will take you on a savory, sense-sational journey. This refreshing mask packs a powerful punch of 15 fruit extracts. Featuring luscious Hawaiian papaya, watermelon, peach, pineapple, and California honey to leave your skin in perfect harmony. Next, you’ll be tantalized by the contrast of warming vanilla against a powerful cooling effect as tropical plant stem cells and microalgae immediately tighten lax skin. Nourish the skin with essential hydration and gentle exfoliation while simultaneously providing firming, cooling, and healing properties.

1 hour, $95

Combine the exfoliating power of Microdermabrasion with your TropiCool Facial! Microdermabraion helps you to get the most out of your facial by additionally removing excess dead skin and deep-cleaning your pores.

75 minutes, $140

Fountain of Youth

BEST ENJOYED: When in need of a little glow

THE MOOD: Turn back time

EXPERIENCE: Anti-Aging Awesomeness!

This luxurious anti-aging and multi-level facial increases cellular turnover and restores skin integrity. Experience the gentle, but effective combination of a powerful, peptide-rich resurfacing treatment; followed by a firming enzyme mask, giving the skin an instant lift; and finally culminating with a pampering, soothing, anti-wrinkle gel mask to firm and plump – leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Finally, you’re treated with our specialized serums providing a flawlessly hydrated finish!

75 minutes, $125

Diamond & Silk

BEST ENJOYED: As a luxurious ritual

THE MOOD: Glamorous pampering

EXPERIENCE: Dazzling, elegant skincare

Turn your microdermabrasion treatment into a luxurious, ultimate anti-aging and therapeutic facial. An exclusive, all natural translucent gel mask is added for superior results in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, removing impurities and toxins, calming and soothing any skin irritation and restoring skin vitality. Your skin will feel supple, softer and younger instantly! Relaxing had, neck & shoulder, hand & arm massage included.

75 minutes, $130